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2016 Entertainment

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Enter the Haggis

Enter The Haggis

We are excited to announce that the CELTIC ROCK band, Enter the Haggis will be returning for a


Trevor Lewington – vocals, guitar
Brian Buchanan – fiddle, vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitar
Craig Downie – bagpipes, tin whistle, harmonica, vocals, acoustic guitar
Mark Abraham – bass guitar, vocals
Bruce McCarthy – drums and percussion

Since 1995, Enter The Haggis have led the charge among Celtic Folk Rock bands, delighting fans with their memorable performances, inspired songwriting, musical proficiency and high quality recordings. The Toronto-based band has released eight acclaimed studio albums, the most recent debuting at #9 on the U.S. national Billboard Heatseekers charts. Their original songs such as “One Last Drink”, “Down With The Ship” and “Gasoline” have become folk rock anthems, appearing in films such as “Goon”, “10mph” and “Addicted to Plastic”, and reaching as high as #25 on U.S. radio.

The band’s new single, “Mrs. Elliott” (UTube:, is a triumphant return to form, showcasing Enter The Haggis’ signature sound and instrumentation; bagpipes blaze over a powerhouse hard-rock rhythm section as Lewington and Buchanan trade off on lead vocals. “Mrs. Elliott” is the opening track on the band’s 20th Anniversary retrospective double album “Cheers and Echoes”, which features the band’s best loved songs and is available November 2015. The Cheers and Echoes Tour kicks off early in 2016. Praise for Enter The Haggis has appeared in major national publications, including The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Washington Post and Canada’s Globe and Mail. The band has also performed on national television shows like “Live With Regis and Kelly” and “Breakfast With The Arts” on A&E.

After multiple Canadian tours in the late 1990’s, ETH made waves in the US in 2004 with a feature length performance documentary called “Live at Lanigan’s Ball”. Following extensive airing of the special on PBS in more than 80 markets around the US, the band was invited to perform at Celtic and folk festivals across the US, Canada and Europe. Touring tirelessly, they amassed a legion of diehard fans who are known to cross continents and oceans for shows. Shunning the traditional industry model of a band maintaining distance from its fans, Enter The Haggis has worked hard to develop personal relationships with their supporters, (affectionately known as “Haggis Heads”), taking the necessary time to shake hands and chat after performances, broadcasting shows online for free and even inviting fans to join them in the studio to sing and play on record. It’s thanks to this close connection that the band’s last three albums were entirely financed through crowdfunding platforms that raised over $150,000 US.

They have performed locally many times at the Iron Horse to sold-out shows.
Glasgow Lands Scottish Festival is a great opportunity to hear this first class band, as well as all the Festival events for only $16!
Discount tickets are available on-line on our home page.
To find out more, visit their web site at:
They will be playing after closing ceremonies and into the evening. Celtic Pub and food available.



Celtic Rock!

ALBANNACH** Direct from Scotland...... ALBANNACH! Scots-Gaelic for "Scottish" or "Scotsman" ~ not just another Scottish Pipes & Drums band....ALBANNACH brings you a new and exciting form of music! The band consists of Jamesie & Jacquie, bass drummers and vocalists, champion piper, Donnie, main percussionist, Colin, and Aya, bodhran & tambourine. Together, they bring a brand new approach to percussion and Celtic music. Their music is exciting, energetic, enchanting and tribal, and they promise to leave you begging for more.... ALBANNACH tours the States three times a year, performing at over 24 Celtic & International festivals & events, including Long’s Peak Scottish & Irish, Greater Phila. Mid-Winter Festival, Carolina Balloon, PA/MD/OH Renaissance Faires, as well as numerous events in Scotland & Europe. They have hosted five successful trips to Scotland, with over 500 passengers. They have three Studio and two live CD’s to their credit.

To find out more, visit their web site at:




Soulsha is a Boston-based band combining Scottish and West-African traditional music with funk, highlife, and afrobeat. Our name is a reference to the Scots-Gaelic word soillse, meaning a ray of light, elucidation, or “the light that happens.” This 8-piece collective brings together some of the Boston area’s top musicians in (at least) three genres: Scottish, West African, and Funk music. Hip-shatteringly tight grooves laid down by funk-bass master Aaron Bellamy and veteran drummer Pete MacLean provide an irresistibly danceable pedestal for the explosive joyfulness of Scottish dance tunes on Galen Fraser’s fiddle and Elias Alexander’s bagpipes. Add to that Elias’s soulful vocals, percussionist/dancer Nani Agbeli’s virtuosity in traditional Ghanian rhythms, and the giddy pyrotechnics of Neil Pearlman’s improvisation on keys and mandolin, and you have a force of nature on your hands. This is a sound you have never heard before. We bring you blood-pumping arrangements of funky original songs, covers from some of our favourite Scottish and West African musicians, and even traditional Gaelic songs, all riding a maelstrom of high energy rhythms and New Orleans-inspired horn lines (played by Alex Lee-Clark on trumpet, and Dylan Sherry on tenor sax). This band has a mission to reveal the rhythmic, melodic, and spiritual connections between traditional Scottish and traditional West African music, in an idiom updated through the evolutions of Funk, Afro-Beat, Highlife, and New Orleans music. No one will be left unmoved, or seated, as the celebratory exuberance of these diverse cultures unites on stage, reminding us never to forget that we’re all in this together. Get ready for Afro-Celtic Funk Nation!

To find out more, visit their web site at:

Charlie Zahm

Charlie Zahm Charlie Zahm is one of the most popular soloists at Celtic music festivals, Maritime and Early American music events anywhere east of the Mississippi. With a baritone voice some have described as "coming along once in a generation," Charlie has become one of the most successful performers on the Celtic festival circuit, weaving magical moments of Scottish and Irish history for the listener and viewer, with passion for the performance and a chosen repertoire pleasing to all members of the family. A master of the guitar as well, Charlie brings an authentic love and respect for the music he sings. Since he's been old enough to sing, Charlie has been entertaining audiences with the beautiful Celtic songs and melodies he first heard in the largely Scottish province of his mother's birth, Ontario, Canada. Keenly aware of his own heritage, which includes healthy doses of Scottish and Irish blood on both sides of his family, Charlie has collected several hundred popular (as well as beautiful and obscure) selections and performs them for thousands of fans up and down the Eastern Seaboard and across America. Today, as one of the most sought-after Celtic singers on the East Coast (he is one of the few singers in the world to be invited to sing live with Scotland's “Black Watch”), Charlie performs regularly everywhere from concerts and festivals to television shows and Celtic-themed Caribbean cruises, where his 6'4" frame and powerful baritone make him one of the most memorable performers around. Charlie has released two DVD projects: “Out of the Mist,” was released in 2002 and was entirely filmed in Scotland; “Charlie Zahm – An Evening of Classic Melodies” is a live concert DVD with Charlie and his band that was produced in 2007 in cooperation with Franklin Springs Family Media of Nashville. These projects, in addition to his many CDs, again demonstrate that Charlie’s vocal ability is rarely matched inside or outside Celtic music, and his mastery of the guitar is the perfect complement to his vocal performance. To learn more about him visit the Charlie Zahm web page.

Screaming Orphans

Screaming Orphans Screaming Orphans is a Pop/Celtic Rock band from Bundoran, Co. Donegal, Ireland comprised of the four Diver sisters - Joan, Angela, Gràinne and Marie Thérèse.

The Screaming Orphans is one of the most sought after Celtic bands in the nation with a powerful, award-winning sound combining their own original melodic old-school pop songs with their unique and modern take on traditional Irish music and song, inherited from their family roots.

"When honey meets gravel" is apt description of them as they feature angelic, symphonic harmonies while being able to demonstrate a rough side, whether it be pop, celtic, rock or anything inbetween.

These ladies are far from being actual orphans, but they split their time between Ireland and the US; they have an uncanny ability to make their fans feel part of the "family." Sit back, stand up, dance, enjoy, and be part of the "Orphanage!".

To find out more, visit their web site at:

Fiddle, Banjo and Box

Fiddle, Banjo and Box

Jerry Bell, from Edinburgh, Scotland returns to the games this year with both of his kids. Katriona (pronounced with a hard ‘O’ like Fiona) played fiddle last year while father played backup on bouzouki. This year they are joined by young Calum, who has taken up guitar. Jerry will be playing the concertina.

“My son really has a jazzy way of playing which really goes well with Katie’s choice of modern Scottish fiddle tunes. This has freed me up to join in with the tune on my old tenor banjo I used to play as a kid.”

“This has always been my favourite combination. A driving bow powering the melody; the banjo picking out elements of the tune; all wrapped up in the sychopated chords of the DADGAD guitar.”

“We will be playing Scottish tunes both old and new and singing a few Scots songs to boot. Should be fun! And then my favourite part of any Scottish Games - the Bonniest Knees Competition! Cheers everyone! Looking forward to joining you in another great day at Glasgowlands!”



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  • Fiddle, Banjo and Box - Variety Entertainment with Jerry Bell and his children
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  • Highland Dance Competition
  • Highland Athletic Games
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