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The following Clans & Scottish Societies will be sending representatives or commissioners to the Glasgow Lands Scottish Festival on July 16, 2016 - an opportunity for you to learn more about the history and origin of your Clan and/or Scottish family name. The clans will set up a tent/booth in the festival’s "Clan Village" as a place to welcome you and to answer your questions. Please be sure to stop and introduce yourself and ask about your family history. And for those who believe that your ancestors were not Scots, you may surprised—Scots have gone everywhere! There is a great deal of fascinating history to be learned about Scottish culture at the Clan tents!

Clans & Societies Listed in Alphabetical Order

More added as additional Clans register

The following Clans will be present at the 2016 Festival

Registered for 2016: scottish flag scottish flag scottish flag 2016

Armstrong Clan Society scottish flag 2016
Harold McCumber, Clan Representative (518) 421-5598

Clan Buchanan scottish flag 2016
Stephen W. Doherty, Massachusetts Regent (508) 947*9787
Clan Buchanan web site

Clan Davidson scottish flag 2016
John Dawson, Co-Regional Director (603) 448*9418

Clan Donald scottish flag 2016
Brian Cooper, Clan Representative (413) 863*4164
A Clan Donald web site

Clan Donnachaidh Society scottish flag 2016
Mr & Mrs Michael Taylor, Clan Representatives, Northeast Branch
Clan Donnachaidh

House of Gordon scottish flag 2016
Robert Gordon, Clan representative (603) 988-3879
House of Gordon web site

Clan Gunn scottish flag 2016
Stephen Olsen, Commissioner, Yankee Branch (978) 369*4373
Clan Gunn

Innes Clan Society scottish flag 2016
Bill Redford, Clan Representative (781) 944*0185
Clan Innes web site

Clan MacFarlane Worldwide scottish flag 2016
Peter McFarlin, Clan Representative,
A Clan MacFarlane web site

Clan MacGilvray Society scottish flag 2016
Ron & Geoff MacGilvray, Clan Representatives (508) 885-3289

Clan MacInnes Society scottish flag 2016
Robert MacInnes, North Atlantic Region Commissioner (413) 244-5005
A Clan MacInnes web site

Clan MacIntyre scottish flag 2016
Jonathan Tucker, Western Massachusetts Representative (413) 320*3064
Clan MacIntyre web site

Clan Mackintosh scottish flag 2016
Ray McHatton, Clan Representative (617) 279*1385
Clan Mackintosh web site

Clan MacLean scottish flag 2016
Greg Maclean, Clan representative (978) 348-2416
A Clan Maclean web site

Clan MacNachtan scottish flag 2016
Mrs. Doris Barrat, N.E. Commissioner (603) 756*9810
A Clan MacNachtan web site

Clan MacNeil scottish flag 2016
William McNeil, Clan Representative (603) 588*2727

Clan Macpherson scottish flag 2016
Stuart Macpherson, N.E.Commissioner, (603) 432*3223
Clan Macpherson web site

Scottish District Families Association scottish flag 2016
Heidi Thibodeau, Northeast Representative

Scottish-American Military Society scottish flag 2016
John A. Killion, Regional Commander`, Minuteman Post 75 (617) 269-1061
A Scottish-American Military Society site

Clan Shaw Society scottish flag 2016
Linda Shaw Olsen, New England Convener (978) 369*4373
Clan Shaw

Clan Stewart scottish flag 2016
Stuart Greenlaw, Clan Representive (508) 853*1872

Clan Thompson Society scottish flag 2016
Stirling "Stu" Thompson, Clan Representative (508) 234*8067
Clan Thompson web site


Clan Registration Form available from Jonathan Tucker by email

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